CYNY CAD is a VR printed circuit board (PCB) visualization tool. Our goal is to provide design teams with the best possible understanding of their PCB layouts before they are approved for fabrication and assembly.

Most of today’s PCB design process consists of viewing flat images of polygons and lines that represent components and the electrical nets connecting them. With such simplified depictions, it’s easy for important information to get lost as a PCB layout passes between team members at different stages of the design process. Often times, critical errors aren’t discovered until a PCB has already been fabricated and sent for assembly. At this point, the sunk cost of a defective PCB and/or incompatible components has already been incurred and additional time and resources are required for a design revision.

CYNY CAD adds an extra layer of validation to the design process. Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 4, we create high-quality, realistic renders of PCB layouts in virtual reality. CYNY CAD offers design teams the chance to review their fully realized circuit boards in a collaborative, immersive environment before giving their final approval. There is no experience that brings you closer to the finished product.

We believe that exploration in VR will become an integral step in the comprehensive review of electrical and mechanical considerations for any PCB design.